2 Responses to Period.

  1. Sorry Stephen, but you missed the ball on this one. The universe created itself because of the nature of gravity? Well, what would that gravity be able to effect if there was no matter in the universe to react with. Gravity is apparent because there is mass, …without it there would be no gravity. The universe is made up of matter, …and it did not come from gravity, because there would be no gravity without matter creating it.
    A pointless statement given without Love, …which may very well be gravity itself, …or God if you will.

  2. mastiphal says:

    Hi Grateful Child.
    I’m gonna try to answer you the best way as seems to be possible, ‘coz my native language is not the english and perhaps my answer isn’t correct.

    Hawkins didn’t said that, the meaning of the sentence was and because there’s a law that act like gravity the universe is created like the way that is created. Before the Big Bang Theory, all the universe mass was joint together in a big density object, because of gravity itself. Whitout gravity the solar system wouldn’t exist, as well as the via lactea and all the planets, stars and matter that fills our universe…
    It’s a simple yet beautiful way to see how all the pieces of the puzzle reacts one from another.

    Cheers mate, and be free to answer me as well

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